Mygiftcardsite – How to Log in And Check Balance on

Mygiftcardsite – Simple Process Of Checking Balance

Mygiftcardsite is going to help anywhere while doing regular shopping or any other purpose..If you are looking for the best available service regarding gift cards, then is your ultimate destination.  If you are already a gift card holder, then you have to know this important information about your gift card so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the card by using it properly and also keep it out of the reach of hackers. All you have to do is to go through this article till the end and we will provide you with all such information here. We also share with you the simple process of checking balance in yourgift card.

The official page of the US bank, ‘Mygiftcardsite’, lets you know the remaining balance in your gift card. To use the card freely whenever you want, you also need to know how much balance is left in your gift card. Now, if you want to check your balance, you have to log in to the official site of US Bank- Mygiftcardsite. To know the easiest process to check remaining balance in your gift card, keep reading this page till the very end. You will definitely be delighted to know all the login details of mygiftcardsite and other customer care services.


Steps to know the balance in your Gift Card

There is no need to be worried if you do not have knowledge of how to get to know your remaining balance online as we are here now to guide you through every step of checking your gift card remaining balance. It is a very easy process to check your mygiftcardsite balance by following a few simple and easy steps. Below, we have mentioned the necessary steps to be followed if you want to check the balance in your gift card online.


  • In the very beginning, visit the official page of US Bank that is
  • After the page open before you, put your card related information such as the number of the card and security code in the provided space.
  • Next, you have to provide your security code. Then, click upon the ‘LOGIN’ option.
  • After that, you can see your remaining balance and all the other details related to your gift card.

After following every step mentioned above, you can now check your balance in the giftcard whenever you wish to. Still, if you face any problem related to mygiftcardsite balance checking or have any question about it, you can freely ask in the comment section and you will be replied with an answer to your query.

Frequently asked questions about Mygiftcardsite

Many questions may appear in your mind when you are new to and just received the gift card in your hand. You are always welcome to ask those questions. Here we have got a few questions answered that have been frequently asked by many people.

Question: in what purpose is VISA prepaid card used?

Answer: when you keep some money in your account to use later when you need it, you can only use that limited money only and this way you do not end up spending extra.

Question: what happens when you make an online registration with the US bank prepaid gift card?

Answer: you cannot use your gift card without doing the online registration. When successfully complete the online registration with the help of the above-mentioned process, you can finally start using your card.

Question: of what amount a gift card can be purchased?

Answer: you may buy gift cards from $15 to $100 and you can easily refill these cards when you need later.

Mygiftcardsite Video guide- step by step

In case you find any difficulty in the process after reading the steps that have been mentioned above, there is also a video to help you. Watch the video carefully and proceed according to that.

Mygiftcardsite Customer care

You can contact the customer care on this number- 1-866-952-5653. You can give a call on this number whenever you face any obstacles or have anykind of question while logging in to your account for any other reason.


Thus, you can always be aware of your remnant balance in your gift card with the help of the US Bank official site- and be able to spend according to that. Here you can get all the required details about the “Mygiftcardsite” official page- We hope, this article comes to your best help. Please share this article on social networking sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and others.