Prepaidcardstatus – Check Your Online Pay Balance Without Hustle


The world has become cashless to a large extent. Multitudes of people have started going cashless. Online monetary transactions have become more prominent and easier. Starting from large MNCs and bus businesses to individuals, everyone prefers online transactions over money in the form of cash. This is because money in cash is not always readily available. Also, through online transactions, payments can be made and received to and from any part of the world where cashless transactions are being made available.

It covers a large essential and makes the process of transactions more comfortable and less time taking. What do you do if you forget your wallet at home? You would feel stuck if not for online transactions. Hence, ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards, online payment platforms are a great boon to all of us. However, with this facility made available, you would also need to check your balance to go ahead and spend. This has been made possible by prepaidcardstatus. All you need to do is log on to their official website at This online portal makes it possible for you to check your balance online with no hustle and a working internet connection.



If you are PrepaidCard Holder and you don’t have an active card status, you might not be able to make a successful transaction. For taking this great facility for yourself, all you need is your 16-digit card number of your prepaid card, expiry date and your CVV or 3-digit unique code. The steps to activation are quite simple.


Firstly, you need to activate your prepaid card on using your 16 digit card number, the 3 digit code and the expiry date and email ID. Following this, you will get the activation confirmation link in your email ID and a verification code. Then, log in to your email ID and click on the activation link and fill the code in the place provided. Now your prepaidcardstatus account is activated. Next, when you want to use the website, open the URL, enter your 16 digit number and code. You also have the option to make a username by using the wallet username option. Follow the instructions to set your account. You can see your accounts details when this process is over.



Go to your mobile’s web browser and search for the official website which is Here, you would find two blank spaces for your card number and your unique security code. Another alternative would be choosing your Wallet Username option under the Log In tab. You would need to enter your password for logging in with the latter. After filling in the required details, select the CAPTCHA box and click “Log In”. All of your account details will be displayed in one place after this. You have successfully logged in to your account!


There are many advantages of prepaid cards. First and foremost, it is a convenient way to handle payments during purchases. For payments during online purchases too, it’s a comfortable and easy medium to do payments. Then, you will have the full support of our customer service team. You can use this service via phone and web support to clear your doubts. Correspondingly, you will the option to check your statements, transactions online anytime and anywhere you wish to. This can also be used to check your current balance. Another advantage is that you can update your profile details anytime. Also, you will have the option to see the FAQs and clear your doubts, if any. This would save your time from calling the customer care. You will also have the option to print your statement history when needed if you have a prepaidcardstatus account. Another great advantage of these cards are that if you have multiple accounts in another bank, you can apply for another card from that bank as well.


This online portal has a number of services being provided for your convenience. These are:

  • Checking Card Balance
  • View Transactions
  • Register Your Card
  • Access Cardholder Agreement


If you forget to your prepaidcardstatus account, and want to recover or reset it, all you need to do is log on to the official website and click the ‘username’ option on the page. You will be asked to submit your registered email address. Following this, your username will be sent to your email inbox if your email matches with the registered email address.


If you forget your wallet password and want to reset it to a new one, log on to the official website page and click on the “forgot password/ unlocked account” link below the password field. You will be asked for your registered email address and then some questions will be asked to prove that the account is yours. A temporary password will be sent to your registered email address in order to reset your password after you pass the test.


The customer care number for the website is +1 (866) 230-3809 and you can directly contact their team for support. Their team will be available for you at all times because they know how important your money is to you. You will be answered by a team member. If not, they will make sure that you have been contacted as soon as possible and your query has been answered correctly.


To use an alternative way, click on “Contact Us” link located in the top right corner of the webpage. You will be provided with an online form which needs to be filled along with details like your name, phone number, registered email address, card number, etc. After this, you need to select the reason code and submit your form after typing in your query.


prepaidcardstatus portal is a service which provides its users with the details of their prepaid bank cards. This service is an important element in our daily lives. Users may easily use the credit or debit cards provided by banks, merchants or supervisors. However, there is a limit and validity to these cards. It is important to keep yourself updated with your card details at all required times to prevent fraud and robbery from your bank. This portal gives users an opportunity to keep up to date with their balance and online transactions.


  • Is this website/portal safe?

Ans. Yes. This website is under high protection because we value your trust and money. There have not been any complaints against this portal/website by users during the time it has been in operation. You can completely trust us with your money and stay relaxed wherever you go.

  • Can I use several prepaid cards?

Ans. Absolutely. If you wish to use multiple prepaid cards, you may. However, you will need to have multiple accounts in other banks to use more than one prepaid card.


Prepaidcardstatus provides the users with a service that makes your carefree whether it is related to their banking necessities, purchases or any other online transactions. Online transactions have become a huge part anyone’s daily life. Hence, it is very important to know when you make online transactions and keep a record of it. Prepaidcardstatus spares you the worry of keeping a record of all your online transaction activities and make you feel relaxed and tension-free about your money.

We hope that this article has been useful to readers and has made all the specifications of the website loud and clear. We have tried to go through every aspect of the website and the way it works for users. After much research, we can say that this website is user-friendly and totally safe. It is worth recommending to your family and friends because as said above, keeping record of your transaction is a dire need of the hour. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to use the portal after your card’s validity has ended. Hence, keep your card updated to avoid any issues related to it. This is not the official website for your portal. Log on to to make your transactions secure and be up to date with your balance.